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Stefanie Schlosser
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e-mail: stefanie@swedenexperiencetours.com
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Guide Stefanie
Für Anfragen und Buchungen schicken Sie mir bitte eine Email:

Ihre E-Mail-Adresse wird nur dazu verwendet, um Sie bezüglich Ihrer Anfrage zu kontaktieren. Sie wird nicht an Dritte weitergegeben.

a) Content
The operator of the pages assumes no responsibility for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided. Liability claims against the operator, which refer to material or immaterial damage caused by the use or non-use of the information provided or by the use of incorrect and incomplete information, are fundamentally excluded, unless the operator can be proven to have acted with intent or gross negligence. All offers and information are subject to change and non-binding. The operator expressly reserves the right to change, supplement or delete parts of the pages or the entire offer without prior notice or to cease publication temporarily or permanently.

b) Links
The operator hereby expressly declares that at the time of linking, no illegal content was recognizable on the linked pages. The operator has no influence on the current and future design, content or authorship of the linked pages. The author hereby expressly dissociates herself from all content on all linked pages that was changed after linking to her own page. For illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents and in particular for damages resulting from the use or non-use of such information, the provider of the page referred to is solely liable.

c) Copyright and trademark law
The operator endeavors to respect the copyrights of the photos, graphics and texts used in all publications, to use her own photographic material, graphics and texts or to make use of license-free photos, graphics and texts.
All trademarks mentioned within the Internet offer and possibly protected by third parties are subject without restriction to the provisions of the applicable trademark law and the ownership rights of the respective registered owners. The mere mention of a trademark does not imply that it is not protected by the rights of third parties.
The copyright for published objects created by the operator herself (e.g. photos and texts) remains solely with the operator of the pages. Duplication or use (also as excerpts or alienated) of such photos and texts in other electronic or printed publications is not permitted without the express consent of the operator.
d) Legal validity of this disclaimer
This disclaimer is to be regarded as part of the publication which you were referred from. If sections or individual terms of this statement are not legal or correct, the content or validity of the other parts remain uninfluenced by this fact.

Terms and Conditions of Sweden Experience Tours
The term “tour” indicates every offer e.g. hike, city tour, day trip, etc. that you can book with Sweden Experience Tours. The business Sweden Experience Tours is referred to as "the organizer".
By registration for any tour with Sweden Experience Tours you accept and agree to be bound by the terms and provision of this agreement. Any participation in this service will constitute acceptance of this agreement.

1. Registration
You can book your tour in person, by phone or in writing. The binding conclusion of the contract comes about through the acceptance of your registration in the form of a booking confirmation (written or oral). A written booking confirmation contains more information about the offer you have booked.

If the content of the booking confirmation differs from your registration, we have a new offer to which we are bound for 14 days. The binding contract is concluded if you declare your express acceptance within the deadline.

The applicant assures expressly to make the booking in the name and authorization of all registered participants.
2. Scope of service
The scope of the contractual services can be found in the booking confirmation.

3. Cancellation by the customer
You can cancel a tour at any time before the start of your tour. In your own interest and to avoid misunderstandings, we strongly recommend that you declare your withdrawal in writing.

For your information: All deposit payments will be kept separately by the organizer until the respective tour has taken place. Regardless of the business' financial situation, your payments are safe and you can rely on a refund under the conditions mentioned below.

In the event of a cancellation by the participant less than 2 weeks before the start of the tour and without an official travel warning or travel ban, the following cancellation fees apply:

As a substitute for the preparations and expenses, a percentage of the participation fee has to be paid, taking into account the following structure, depending on the proximity of the resignation date in regards to the booked tour:
  • In case of cancellation up to 14 days before the start of the tour, a processing fee of 150 SEK (15 €) is payable.
  • For cancellations from 14 days to 3 days before the start of the tour, 20% of the participation fee must be paid.
  • In case of cancellation from 3 days to 24 hours before the beginning of the tour 50% of the participation fee has to be paid.
  • In case of cancellation less than 24 hours before start or absence without prior cancellation, the entire participation fee will be charged.

The above-mentioned graduation of the cancellation fees applies to all tours that are operated solely by Sweden Experience Tours.
If the tour in question lasts more than 24 hours or includes an overnight stay, and if at least two companies are involved in its implementation, the tour is referred to as a "package tour" in accordance with the Swedish Package Travel Regulations. Detailed information on the package tour will be sent to the participant in digital form before booking.

4. Substitute
Until the beginning of the tour, you can be represented by a third party during the tour. Resulting actual additional costs are at your expense.
We may object to the change of persons if the third party does not meet the requirements.

5. Unused services
If the participant does not use individual services for whatever reason, there will be no refund of the price paid. It is in our discretion in cases of hardship (illness, accident, etc.) to award vouchers for individual and failed services, provided we have received notice of cancellation in due time.
If the participant does not attend the tour at the agreed time or does not arrive in time, there is no right to a refund of the price.
Wherever possible, we try to rebook the services as requested by the participant, even after the conclusion of the contract. The participant will be liable for any additional costs which ensue.

6. Cancellation & termination by the organizer
Basically, the tours also take place in "bad" weather (rain, snow, etc.). The organizer does not conduct an event when an official weather warning has been given.

If the number of participants is too low (varies depending on the tour), the organizer also reserves the right to cancel. The cancellation takes place at least 48 hours before the start. The participation fee will be refunded or given the opportunity to rebook.

The organizer can withdraw from the contract or terminate the contract after the start of the tour, if the participant disturbs the execution of the tour regardless of our agreements, or if they behave in breach of contract to such an extent that the immediate cancellation of the contract is justified. If a participant is not up to the task due to a misjudgment of their performance, the same applies.

In the unlikely event that the organizer has to cancel a tour out of any reason not mentioned above, the participant will be given the option to rebook the same or a similar tour, or to receive a full refund of the payment made.

If the tour in question lasts more than 24 hours or includes an overnight stay, and if at least two companies are involved in its implementation, the tour is referred to as a "package trip" in accordance with the Swedish Package Travel Regulations. The participants of package trips are protected under the Package Travel Regulations. This means that should authorities advise against all but essential travel to Sweden, we will offer an option to postpone or give a full refund.

7. Termination due to force majeure
If the tour is made significantly more difficult, endangered, impaired or the security of the customer is no longer guaranteed as a result of force majeure that was not foreseeable when the contract was concluded, both the participant and the organizer can terminate the contract after examining a possible rescheduling or after proposing an equivalent replacement program.

If the participant cancels before the start of the tour for the aforementioned reasons, they will receive the price paid back. There is no further claim. If the above-mentioned reasons arise after the start of the tour, the contract can be terminated by both parties after checking for a possible change in time or an equivalent replacement program.
If the contract is terminated, the organizer can demand appropriate compensation for services already provided or necessary for the completion of the tour.

8. Payment methods
The payment of services provided or to be provided takes place via the payment methods offered by the organizer. These are paypal, swish (SEK), bank transfer and cash in both Euro and Swedish crowns (SEK). In addition, the participant may not demand further payment methods such as card payment.

9. Terms of participation
The clothing of the participant must be adapted to the booked tour or event. Appropriate clothing and shoes must be worn at sporting events. For any outdoor tour, the participant's clothing must be adapted to the weather. Sturdy shoes and weatherproof clothing are required for hikes. In the case of inadequate clothing, especially in the case of inappropriate footwear, the organizer has the right to exclude the participant from the tour. The participant is not entitled to a refund of the participation fee.

Some activities require good health and good physical condition. You will find the relevant information in the offer description on the homepage and in the booking confirmation. The participant commits themself to inform the organizer about health problems which might influence the booked tour.

Participation in a tour under the influence of drugs and / or alcohol is not permitted.

Carrying dogs or other pets is only allowed after prior agreement and express approval. In forest bathing seminars, it is strictly forbidden to carry animals, as the undisturbed course of the seminar is endangered by animals.

Photos and / or film recordings of tours are only permitted with the express approval of the organizer. It is not allowed to take pictures and / or film recordings of participating persons during the tour, unless the organizer and the persons concerned have given their express permission. The publication of all photos and / or film recordings is only permitted with the express approval of the organizer.

Smoking is permitted only after consultation with the organizer and at designated locations. All waste, including cigarette butts, is properly disposed of by the person who caused it.

It is the duty of the participant to abide by the conditions of participation and strictly follow the instructions of the organizer, guide, course leader and, if applicable, assistants. In the event of disregard or violation, the participant may be excluded from the event. If you are excluded before the tour begins, the cancellation policy applies. If the exclusion occurs after the start of the tour, the participant is not entitled to a refund.

10. Obligation to cooperate
The participant is obliged to cooperate in the event of performance disruptions within the scope of the statutory provisions, to avoid possible damage or to keep it low. In particular, they are obliged to report any complaints on site immediately. The organizer will do their best to meet this complaint, if possible. If the participant culpably fails to point out a defect, they are not entitled to a reduction in price or compensation.

11. Invalidity of any provision
If one of the provisions of the contract is or becomes wholly or partially ineffective, this does not result in the ineffectiveness of the entire contract. Rather, the organizer is entitled to replace the ineffective provision with the permissible provision that most closely corresponds to the purpose of the ineffective provision.

12. Exclusion of claims and limitations
If the participant has not reported any complaints or errors during the tour and therefore neglected to give SwedenExperienceTours the opportunity to correct any mistakes, they can not demand any compensation afterwards. If the participant is not satisfied with their compensation, they have to notify SwedenExperienceTours in writing within 14 days from arriving home.

13. Liability, limitations of liability
At all events participation is at the participant's own risk. By registering, the participant declares that they are aware of the specific dangers of staying and moving in nature.

The participant will not assert claims against the organizer, hiking guide and / or seminar leader for damages and injuries of any kind that may arise as a result of participation. This applies to both persons and property damage, especially for consequences of accidents.

The organizer assumes no liability for damaged or lost items such as equipment, accessories, clothing, valuables of the participants.

No liability is accepted for any mental, physical or material damage. The participant accepts the organizer's disclaimer for damages of any kind.

The organizer is also not liable for service disruptions in connection with services that they only mediate as external services. Here, the travel conditions of the respective organizer are valid.

The participant is expressly responsible for their own insurance. The organizer recommends valid international health insurance, accident insurance and travel cancellation insurance.

(as of January 07, 2024)

Privacy Policy

The website operator takes your data protection very seriously and treats your personal data confidentially and according to the legal regulations. As new technologies and the constant development of this website may result in changes to this data protection declaration, we recommend that you read the data protection declaration again at regular intervals.
a) Collection and processing of personal data
The operator collects, uses and passes on your personal data only if this is permitted by law or you consent to the collection of data.
Personal data includes all information which serves to determine your person and which can be traced back to you - for example your name, e-mail address and telephone number.

You can also visit this website without providing any personal information. In order to improve our online services, however, we store your access data to this website (without personal reference). This access data includes, for example, the file you requested or the name of your Internet provider.

b) Handling of contact data
If you contact the operator through the contact options offered, your details will be stored so that they can be used to process and respond to your inquiry. These data will not be passed on to third parties without your consent.

c) Registration form
If you book an offer (tour, event, workshop, etc.), you may be asked to fill out a registration form, digital or in paper form, regardless of whether you ultimately make use of the service offered.

d) Integration of third party services and content
It can happen that within this offer contents of third parties, such as references (links) to other websites as well as map material, RSS feeds or graphics from other websites are integrated. This always presupposes that the providers of this content (hereinafter referred to as "third-party providers") perceive the IP address of the users. Without the IP address, they could not send the content to the browser of the respective user. The IP address is therefore required for the presentation of this content. The operator of this website has no influence on this if the third party provider stores the IP address, e.g. for statistical purposes.

e) Social media plugins
On these pages are plugins of the social network Facebook, provider Meta Platforms, Inc, 1601 Willow Rd, Menlo Park, CA, USA, integrated. You can recognize the Facebook plugins by the Facebook logo or the "Like" button on the page. You can find an overview of the Facebook plugins here: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/.
When you visit our pages, the plugin establishes a direct connection between your browser and the Facebook server. Facebook receives the information that you have visited our site with your IP address. If you click the Facebook "Like" button while logged into your Facebook account, you can link the content of our pages to your Facebook profile. This allows Facebook to associate visiting our pages with your user account. We would like to point out that, as the provider of the pages, we do not have any knowledge of the content of the data transmitted or its use by Facebook. Further information on this can be found in Facebook's data protection declaration at https://de-de.facebook.com/policy.php .

If you do not want Facebook to be able to assign visits to our pages to your Facebook user account, please log out of your Facebook user account.

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f) Right to information, deletion, blocking
You have the right at any time to free information about your stored personal data, their origin and the purpose of data processing as well as a right to correction, blocking or deletion of this data. You can contact us at any time at the address given in the imprint for this and other questions on the subject of personal data.

g) Contradiction advertising mails
We hereby object to the use of contact data published within the scope of the imprint obligation to send unsolicited advertising and information material. The operator of this website expressly reserves the right to take legal action against unsolicited mailing or e-mailing of spam and other similar advertising materials.

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